Kofim 2 is official off to a great start!

Hello to Kofim families and friends!  What an adventurous 2 weeks we’ve had, with laughter, cuddles, learning, and fun!  We have found out daily routine, and it goes something like this:

  • Free play or table directed activity
  • Clean up while singing our “Clean up song”
  • Circle time (which consist of singing “Mister Sun” using sign language, singing our “ABCs” while following our animal/letter poster, saying our month/date out loud, and counting 1-10 using our animal/number poster
  • Then we read a book (which depends on our subject for the week/day (so far we’ve focused on Back to School, Letters, and Getting to Know You)
  • Resource time (Gardening/Science/P.E./Jewish Studies/Music)
  • Go outside (take a Nature Walk or go to the playground)
  • Teacher Directed Activity (arts and crafts, sensory activities, 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 time with me to ensure each child is developing at their personal needed pace)
  • 2nd Circle Time (review the day, give each child a compliment on something positive we witnessed that day and try to relate it to the Class Rules or our “What does it mean to be Jewish?” board, read another book
  • Free play
  • Lunch
  • Nap


Here are some important dates to put down on your calendar:

September 4: Preschool closed for Labor Day (no Kids Club either)

September 7 at 715p: Preschool Open House

September 11: High Holiday Babysitting forms due to office

September 15 at 10a: Preschool wide Shabbat in the Main Sanctuary


Below are a few pictures of the adventures we’ve gone on to the pond, exploring nature and what it provides for us to eat, we had a scavenger hunt and found animals in the stain glass outside the synagogue, and we did yoga (which was so fun and funny!).

Nature Walk
Sensory activity (we plucked a lime, felt it’s texture, smelled it, cut it in half to see/touch/smell the juice and seeds inside)
Scavenger Hunt (we found animals in the stain glass)
Circle Time

What a general blog posting may look like,

We love our class, we love to watch how their minds work, and we love their sweet cuddles we are lucky enough to enjoy. I will be writing a biweekly blog, but please feel free to reach out to me whenever you need.

We spent last week doing an overview of the school year, so I could see where the students were individually and how the class responded to things as a whole. We have one smart bunch of kiddos! They love to laugh, they love to sing, and they LOVE our Nature Walks! We took one the first week, and found lions. We took one this week and found a lime, the American and Israeli flag, we went into the Day School office to see how the big kids do things, and we went by the pond and saw a branch that looked like an alligator. What fun we had! This week in Gardening we pulled weeds, veggies, flowers, and had fun getting dirty. Tuesdays will be P.E. and Gardening, so please be sure to send the kiddos in clothes you are okay with getting dirty, and socks and shoes that are sturdy for them to balance, and kick balls with. We have started to learn the first letter of our names, and have colored it/painted it/put stickers on it/sat on it on the carpet/found it in different places in the classroom/and encouraged them to find it in their homes. If you and your child find something in your house by Friday evening with the first letter of their name please take a picture of it, and email it to me… I have a fun activity at school I’d love to do with them.

We are working on learning our body parts, and did an activity pasting pictures of our body parts to the letter “B”. We are discussing what each part of our body is used for; for instance, we use our listening ears to hear directions. Like when our friends ask us to “Please share” or “Please stop”, or making sure we take our turns to speak up, so we can learn and don’t interrupt our friends who are trying to learn.

We are focusing on manners, and being a good person. This rolls into the focus we have on, “What does it mean to be Jewish?” It means to have respect or “Kavod” for others, doing a good deed or “Mitzvah” (and every day at our 2nd circle time we give each child a compliment for something good they did that day… and there have been soooooooo many good things to share.) We are two lucky teachers. We have boys holding doors for their friends, girls picking up the pillows after circle time or sharing a pillow with a friend, and clapping our hands when someone does something good. I do want to let you know every Friday at 915a we celebrate Shabbat, and anyone is welcome to come any week- but with that said Kofim does not “perform” every time like the big guys. I will be sure to let you know in advance when there will be any sort of performance by Kofim, so you can come hear their little voices sing out and their smiles shining brightly.

We truly love being with your kids every day. What fun we are having, and what an honor it is to know we are a part of helping their minds grow.

Hope to see you in the halls, and definitely at our Open House September 7th at 715pm!


Lindsey and Amy”

Welcome to Kofim 2 – Let’s Stay Connected!

We would like to welcome all of our families to DuBow Preschool’s Kofim 2 Class.  We are excited to get to know you and watch our classmates grow.

There are many ways that you can stay connected to your child(ren)’s class!
This blog will be updated periodically with classroom info.  It’s a great place to find out about some of the activities and programming that we offer.  Your teachers may also send periodic emails with classroom info as well.

The DuBow Preschool and Martin J. Gottlieb Day School also send out a weekly email to keep everyone updated with school happenings. You can see an example of this email HERE.   If you are not receiving these emails, please email amanda.watsky@mjgds.org for additional assistance.

If you enjoy social media, you can follow the DuBow Preschool on Facebook or Instagram for quick photos and information.

Let’s have an amazing year!

A visit from Firestation 51

We had so much fun painting a tee-shirt like flames and learning the Stop,Drop and Roll song during community helpers week. The kids also got a visit from station 51 on Monday.

Standing with our class and some brave Firefighters. 

Community helpers week

This week we learned about our Community and the people that are important and who live in it. The kids were so excited to have Officer Nancy visit our school and show them her Police car! . I think their favorite part was the siren. We also learned about Doctors, Dentists, Teachers, Bakers any many others who help keep a community safe and flourish.

Our little Officers in action  

Next week we will be learning about Firefighters and there will be a surprise visit of a Fire truck and Firemen .
Upcoming events: March 18th – School closed Teacher inservice day

                                         March 24th- Preschool celebrates Purim kids wear costume for a fun parade!!!

Transportation – Air space 

We had a wonderful week finishing up Transportation with a space theme. The kids loved making rockets and moons. We watched a video of a rocket ship taking off. We also made a diagram of all the planets. 


Transportation- land 

This week we learned all about different types of land transportation. The kids enjoyed many different stories. We talked about how you can travel from one place to another.

They loved making tire tracks with different types of wheels and tracing the outlines of the letter to their first name with little cars.

February news

Monday February 1st we will be sending home the ASQ booklet. Please fill it out with your child and return it by the following Monday.The month of Febuary our class will be having Shoobee Doobee Shabbat on February 19th. The children will be performing their favorite Shabbat songs! We will also begin our theme of Transportation. If you have any cute books on Transportation you would like to share with our class we would love them.

I can’t believe it’s almost February!

Photos from our Tu B’Shevat celebration. The kids planted seeds for parsley that will be harvested for Passover.

Snow day fun photos

Snow cute

We had so much fun last week learning about the season of Winter. The kids loved snow day! This year our ” snow room ” was even more special because we not only had a room full of fluffy cotton balls but we also had a snow sensory bin that looked and felt like real snow! The kids also got to build snowmen out of play dough. They enjoyed the artic animals frozen on ice and a game of bowling for snowmen. Thanks to all the parents for sending in cotton balls and everyone who worked to make snow day so fun. The next two weeks we will continue to learn about the season of Winter. In February we will be learning all about means of transportation. February 1st we will be sending home ASQ booklets for parents to fill out. We ask that you please send them back and completed on or before February 5th. This is a mid- year developmental screening that we will score and send the results home in the following week. These assessments along with daily and monthly observations help us when planning for the upcoming months. This information will help us in work with the children in small groups,individually and on the areas they need most.


We are looking forward to to planning wonderful fun activities now and the months to come.