We started our week off with a fun, and exciting trip to Science where Ms. Melanie

taught us about simple machines and how they worked.  The kids got to see

demonstrations on how incline planes, wheels, and levers work in everyday life.

The kids had fun using a pulley to lift and bucket full of toys and they also played

with various wheels. I think their favorite part of the lesson was rolling cars down

the ramp the demonstrate an incline plane.

We also went on Our Sukkah hop to all the other classrooms. It was fun to see how

Our Friends decorated their Sukkah’s.

As always we had so much fun in P.E. learning how to hop the hula hoops.

In observance of Simchat Torah we made Fabric flags, and edible Torah’s .

Due to so much rain we could not eat our lunch in the big Sukkah, but that didn’t

stop us from having a fun celebration with our Family’s at the indoor play room .We

sang songs and enjoyed the afternoon!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Joseph & Andi

Happy Simchat Torah.

Have a nice Holiday


A week of exploring!!

This week we got off to great start. On Monday we visited Mr.Greg for Science and went on an adventurous bug hunt! The kids caught a few bugs that we inspected closely with Greg. They really enjoyed looking at the dragon fly!

We also had Jewish studies with Ms.Robyn and Ms.Michelle. This year the kids are really grasping their Prayers and Hebrew songs.  Our craft on Monday was making shofars to hang on our Jewish Celebrations board.

Tuesday we had P.E.with Coach Rebecca, and the kids  had a great time doing their warm ups and crawling through the tunnels.

Since our themes this week are c

elebrating Yom Kippur and learning about circles, we did some extremely fun activities.

We made Circle rainbows after reading What Makes A Rainbow. This activity was fun for the kids they enjoyed the different colors and after putting them together got excited to see their very own Rainbow’s.

We also made Cranberry Orange muffins for our cooking project they were a success everyone loved them!

On Wednesday we painted a white piece of paper to find hidden circles the kids enjoyed this!

Thursday we had music with Ms. Z and then we worked on making paper chains to hang in the Sukkah.

On Friday we Read the story of Jonah And The Big Fish then in class; we made Jonah and the whale crafts.

The kids are really starting to enjoy our daily routines and enjoy learning!



Next Wednesday Sept 18th please send your child to school dressed in RED as it is the color of the month!

October 8th – Open House  6:45 P.M.  Please come join us in your Child’s classroom


Upcoming Events

Sept. 13- Noon dismissal- ErevYom Kipper.  KC till5.

Sept. 18- Noon dismissal.  KC till 5.

Sept.19 – Sukkot- No School or KC.

Sept. 20- Sukkot- No school or KC.

Sept.23- Kofim in school

Sept. 25-Noon dismissal.

Sept.26-Shemini Atzeret- No School or KC.

Sept.27-Simchat Torah-No school or KC.


This week in Kofim 2

This week our crafts were centered on the Rosh Hashanah Holiday.

The kids enjoyed apples & honey for snack on Tuesday. During circle time we talked about all the different kinds of apples and their color, shape, and taste. After that we marble painted white apples with red paint.

It was so fun!

The kids love working together so we made a sensory tube using a water bottle, dried peas, rice, and mini paper apples. Their favorite part was watching the rice & beans flow through the funnel.

On Wednesday we talked about where honey comes from and read “The Very Greedy Bee. After that, we painted a beehive with bubble wrap and yellow paint. When it dried, we added honeybees. The kids really enjoyed painting with objects other then paint brushes. I think it contributes to getting their imagination going.

This week we had P.E with Coach Rebecca. She taught the kids some new warm up exercises and they enjoyed playing ball.

In Jewish Studies we sang Rosh Hashanah songs, and visited the pond to toss breadcrumbs into the water for wishes of a better year.

I Wish You All a Very Happy and Sweet Rosh Hashanah!

All About Me !

This week has been so much fun!

Our theme for the week was “All About Me.” The kids made paper dolls to resemble themselves after looking in the mirror.We also made mirrors, handprints, and fingerprints that we looked at through a magnifying glass .

We had fun talking about how we are unique & different. We made “My special trail mix” for our cooking project on Tuesday it was yummy!

Mr. Greg read us a great story about Animal homes and we went on an animal hunt !

Mr.Z is teaching us some fun new songs!

We are learning about all of the up coming Holidays in Jewish studies

Although next week is a short week we will still be having so much fun& leaning all about Apples!!!!!

Making trail mix
Making trail mix

Special Friends
Special Friends

Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls
Making Mirrors!
Making Mirrors!