2018 is off to a great start!

Hello to Kofim family and friends!

We have been a busy bunch of monkeys in Kofim. We have been working on our Manners, Feelings, I Love You, and not just how and when to say things, but what it looks like to DO those things. We have been discussing thumbs up, and thumbs down behavior. Some thumbs up behaviors the kids talk about are listening, sharing, saying, “Thank You”, and not pushing. Some thumbs down behavior we discuss are saying you will listen, but then not following the directions given. Or saying, “I’m Sorry” to a friend, but then repeating the same poor behavior. These are tricky things to figure out, because when you are 2 and 3 sometimes your mind wants to do one thing, but your emotions get the best of you. That’s when we sing, “When you get upset and you want to roar, just take a deep breath… and count to four.” It’s a cute diddy, and tends to make the kiddos smile. Taking a deep breath really works as well.

When discussing feelings we discussed relationships, and how you know when you love someone. The kids told us some one they love, and what they do that makes them feel so strongly for that person. We had answers like,

“I love my Daddy, he gives me hugs”,

“I love Mommy, she tugs me in at night”, and

” I love my baby sister, she’s fun.”

The children talked about who they were friends with, and we talked about how to take care of our friends and family. We talked about using thumbs up behavior at home, helping Mommy and Daddy pick up their toys, sharing when our sister or brother want to play, and remembering our manners with friends, family, and with a waitress at a restaurant, or when you check out at a store. Our friends talked about using manners at Publix, and Target- so smart! I just love how their minds work.

Outside of the classroom we had some really fun things going on! We celebrated the school’s 75th birthday with the whole preschool. We ate cupcakes, wore BD hats, and blew noise makers. We also celebrated Tu B’Shevat, the birthday of the trees. We ate different fruits that grow on trees, like dates, oranges, apples, and figs. We went on a walk outside to see how tall the trees grow, and to tell them thank you for providing us shade, oxygen, paper, leaves, and fun places to climb! Lastly, but definitely the most fun was our Winter room. We played with ice paint, excavated animals from HUGE ice cubes, made snow angels out of cotton balls, and dressed up a snowman made out of cardboard. I mean who doesn’t love a winter day where you get to wear pj’s to school?!?!

This year is flying by, and I am so proud of the growth I’ve seen our friends make identifying their colors, drawing their shapes, knowing their full names and their initials, and of course the social behaviors we focus on every day. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of their lives.

The following are dates you will want to jot down:

Monday, February 19th is President’s Day: School and KC will be closed

Sunday, February 25th is the Purim Carnival from 12-4pm: Come check out our kiddos art work!

Thursday, March 1st is the All-School Purim celebration. Make sure to dress your child up in a costume. We will eat, play, and make lots of noise with our groggers.

Friday, March 9th is the Shoobee Doobee Shabbat for Doobonim and Kofim at 10am

Now the fun part… pictures of your cuties are below. 🙂

Kofim 1 and 2 dressed up for PJ Day
Playing dress up with Mr. Showman in the Winter room.
Playing in the snow with Winter animals.
Continuing to learn our letters and colors, but this time in the dark! 🙂

We hope you all have a great week!


Lindsey and Amy