Hannukah is here, and shapes and the fun have continued.

Hi Kofim family and friends! Can you believe another two weeks has passed? I can barely believe it myself. We have been busy learning about shapes in our food, looked for them in our school through scavenger hunts, played with puzzles, found shapes in our body parts, and of course we related it to Hannukah this week making menorahs out of triangles, rectangles, and circles. What fun we’ve had, what leaps and bounds the children have made. I also did ASQs on some of our friends, and color/shape reevaluations on others. Wow! They have grown so much, it was exciting to see. We are continuing to work on our manners, and showing Kavod (respect) to our friends, teachers, and family. We are singing our alphabet daily, and continue to practice our sign language. We are trying to feel the beat when we dance and sing (Which can be very funny to watch- they are definitely goofballs that make each day silly). I am very proud of our 3 year old Kofimers. Speaking of, we only have 3 more to go and the whole class with be 3. Yep, they are officially big.

In Science we have rolled candles, and in Music we practiced using sticks to bang the ground to different beats. Outside we have played with the other Kofim class, and learned to play gently with Doobonim setting a good example for our little friends. We continue to make a caterpillar when we stand in line to wash our hands, when we wait at the door to go to resources, and recently when we walk off the stage. πŸ™‚ We have updated our Education Board with new posters (COLORS made with crayons, EMOTIONS made with faces, and SHAPES including trapezoid, rhombus, pentagon, octagon, and hexagon). Yep, we have a bunch of smarties in our class. πŸ™‚ They thrive on being challenged and expanding their minds.

Winter Break will be here soon, and I will be sending a packet home of goodies to play with, specific tools for your child to work on while we are away, and a few treats for you all of course! πŸ™‚

Now here is the good stuff… the pictures are below…

Our two girls who were our Mitzvah stars of the day for having such great listening ears. Great job girls!
Rolling wax to make Hannukah candles.
“We are big and strong, as we march along…” just like the dinosaurs. πŸ™‚
“Look what I built all by myself!”
Practicing for our Hannukah performance.


I hope everyone his having a very Happy Hannukah, and are soon to have a Happy New Year!


Lindsey and Amy