Shapes and numbers and colors oh my!

December is here, and oh how time flies! We are almost done with our 1st semester and we have worked on our fine/gross motor skills running, jumping, walking a balance beam, cutting with scissors, and coloring all sorts of art projects. The students love to build, and are so creative. Today we had two kiddos build a road with rectangle blocks that was probably 20 feet long. Last week a kiddo used the playground equiptment as a ship, and we all had to get on board so we wouldn’t sink or get lost at sea. Yes, their imaginations are wonderful. We have focused on colors, counted lemons and toes, painted our fingers and made masterpieces of course. We’ve learned about National/Jewish holidays along the way, and played dress up to act out the roles of history. Don’t hesitate to test their memories, they will impress you for sure. They still talk about Jonah and the whale, and honoring Tashlik. In Science we got to experiment with rocks and water, and stomped our feet to the beat in Music class. DuBow Preschool is having a rocking, great year!

The Thanksgiving program was a success, and our “Leaves” sang beautifully. Our “Latkes” will be performing soon, so be sure to write December 13th at 6pm on your calendars to hear our Kofimers sing again.

Monday the Scholastic Book Fair was kicked off, and we are in need of some books for our class to ensure we dig deep into our Foundations curriculum. I ask that if you buy a book for Kofim please focus on the following subjects: Nursery Rhymes, Nature, Feelings, Colors and Shapes, Animals, I Love You, Things that Go, People, Body Parts, Manners, the Seasons, and National Holidays. If you are able to shop online or at school we would greatly appreciate your help.

Now here are some super cute pics of your super cute kiddos… I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and great start to December! Shabbat Shalom!

— Lindsey and Amy