Fall has begun and Kofim is ready in color.

Hello Kofim family and friends! Two weeks have passed, and we have been busy learning and loving school. We have been focusing on Fall and all that it entails… colors, temperature, clothes, seasons, and of course having fun in the leaves. We had one of our friends turn 3, we had a Grandparent’s Breakfast and they were able to stop by for a surprise, Science taught us about bugs and magnets, Music class let us get down and boogie, and Jewish studies taught us about Noah’s Ark and Abraham. Whew… their little brains are full, full, full. 🙂

With a Fall focus we have talked about green, red, orange, yellow, brown, and blue. We went outside and collected leaves, and used them to decorate the first letter of each child’s name. The wind was super strong that day, so there were lots of giggles as we held the paper, the leaves, the glue, and of course one gust had them all running after the tools. What can say, when you do class outside you have to be ready for the unexpected. 🙂 We will continue this focus next week, and start using scissors to cut out acorns, and yarn to lace/string through holes of apples. These are advanced steps for 2 year olds, and I know our class can do it. They will love the challenge!

In Science we have used water, magnets, and paper butterflies to make a garden. They look forward to whatever fun activity Heather brings our way. Some times we stay in the Science room, and other times we go to the Garden… but our class tends to do Science in our studies as well. We did a sensory table about wind this week, focusing on Fall again, and using straws to “blow wind” to see what could move and what stayed still. It’s fun to see what they guess will fly, and what will stay still. We had a couple of fun comments like, “My dad could blow all this over!” and “It’s windy like this at the beach.” Each are great connections to home and school, and relating the two together. Yep, we have a bunch of smart cookies.

In Music class we use instruments like shaky eggs, scarves, and our feet to make noise. This is a good time to get the sillies out, and laugh it up! Mrs. Emily was even teaching us how to walk sloooowwwwlllllly to the beat, or fast when the rhythm speeds up- it’s great for concentration and to have to really think before you move.

Here are a few upcoming dates for everyone to jot down…

Wednesday, November 1st Parent Teacher Conference (times vary based on your scheduled appointment). NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, November 7th DuBow Preschool Parent Night: “What to look for in a Kindergarten Program”. 7pm, Kramer Library.

Tuesday, November 21st DuBow Preschool Thanksgiving Program (time TBD)


Now here are some fun pictures that relate to what we have done the past two weeks.

Using leaves from outside to decorate the first letter of our name.
Making wind with straws.
He is 3!!! Wow!!! And Dad came to visit us for our morning snack. 🙂
We made a Choo-Choo train on the slide.
We made leaf people.

Please make sure to check out the Art Gallery in the hallway near the office, we rotate which artist’s work gets put up bi-weekly. 🙂 They are very proud of their creations.

Also, here are a few housecleaning tips:

  • Make sure to keep our little friends nails trimmed and clean. We dig in the dirt, play with paint, and they tend to touch their faces often. So trimmed, clean nails will help keep the germs away during this cold season. Thank you!
  • We need smaller size Ziploc (or store brand) bags please. Snack, Sandwich, and Quart size. If you all could bring at least 1 to school next week we would greatly appreciate it.
  • As the weather is colder, the change of clothes for each student needs to be adjusted accordingly. I sent everyone’s home today in their backpacks. Please make sure to check it out this weekend, and to send in long sleeve gear on Monday. *Please send in a pair of socks as well. If kiddos have an accident sometimes it goes all the way down to their feet.
  • We will continue to work on hand-eye coordination, and the kids fine motor skills. So please be sure to send in utensils with their lunches.

Lastly, I am looking forward to seeing you all at Parent Teacher Conferences next week. If there is anything you would like to specifically address, please send me an email ahead of time. That way I can be sure to be prepared, and to keep the time flowing, as to not leave any parent waiting. Thank you for your continued partnership. I love my class, and truly am enjoying this year.

Shabbat Shalom,