Kofim is bonding, growing, laughing, and learning

These past two weeks in Kofim has been so eye-opening. The kids have truly began to trust us, to depend on each other, to build friendships, and to learn how to use the potty!  Yay Kofim, you are rockstars! Although our month has been full of High Holidays, celebrations, reflection, learning, and prayer it has also been full of preschool fun. The kids are really starting to understand the concept of Centers, which allows us for 1 on 1 time to help with individual growth and development. It also allows us more time for cuddles, which we can’t resist. 🙂 As we spoke about at Open House, 2’s are a time for physical and emotional growth, as much as academic. They are learning to use their words, calm their emotions, and to not use their hands as their first response when wanting a toy/to be first in line/or to try one of our tasty creations we bake. They really are sponges learning, learning, and learning. Something else we discussed at Open House was being consistent in the classroom, and at home, with asking questions that will broaden their way of thinking. For example, if you know you were outside the prior day and it was windy and you talked about it or you know the child noticed it use that as a learning conversation about wind, their 5 senses, and getting them to explain how it felt. Do not ask “Was it cold?” They will simply say, “Yes.” Ask if it was cold or hot wind. Ask if the branches in the trees were moving or were they standing still. These are concepts they will start to think about, but it will also broaden their vocabulary, because they will try to use a sentence to describe things. We do this in class relating school to home. For example, “What did you have for dinner last night?” If they name a vegetable that is hanging from the Sukkah, we will say, “Oh that’s great! That’s one of the vegetables hanging from our Sukkah.” All of a sudden school and home are one of the same, and they see the learnings are relevent in both places. Science and Garden has been full of days digging in the dirt planting seeds, learning about bridges, and discussing living organisms. Pretty cool stuff I must say. The kids really enjoy it, because it’s so different from the rest of the day. Circle time has been fun, and full of “Ah Ha” moments, and giggles galore. They are so proud of themselves learning to sign “Mister Sun.” And they giggle every time I hide behind the chair acting like a turtle when we do our animals alphabet. This week we did ABC Yoga, and besides catching every single person’s attention in class, it was calming, good for their muscles, and fun to be animals together. I will send a copy of this home during Winter Break, so when everyone is stuck inside in the cold you will have a calm but fun activity they like to do.

Here are some upcoming dates I want you to be sure not to miss:


October 16, Monday at 8:30 am: Grandparent’s Breakfast in the Social Hall

October 17, Tuesday at 7 pm: DuBow Preschool’s 75th Anniversary Celebration Kick Off Event in the Indoor Playroom.

October 19, Thursday: Box Tops are due to the office.

October 20, Friday at 5:30 pm: All School Shabbat Services and Dinner.

October 22, Sunday 1-3 pm: Father Daughter Doing Dishes Event


Now here are some pictures of your cuties…

Playing in our Centers, practicing sharing/interacting/and balancing our blocks while discussing the colors and objects inside of them.
Doing a little Science and Math while we practice our hand eye coordination, and hand/finger dexterity.
What’s preschool without a little playground fun?!
Being a unicorn during our ABC Yoga




Thank you for allowing me to spend each day with your munchkins, it fills my heart. We have a great bunch of kiddos who are full of life, questions, want to learn, and love stickers! 😉 It really is fun in Kofim 2.

Have a great couple weeks, and we’ll catch up with you soon. As always, we are here to chat whenever you need us.


Lindsey and Amy