Kofim is moving and grooving…

As the night of Yom Kippur comes to an end I reflect on what a great two weeks we’ve had… I mean we were able to have a full week of school. Wahoo! Seems like it’s been a while since we were lucky enough to see our friends Monday-Friday. These past two weeks we tackled 2 holidays, 1 birthday, we baked, we worked on potty training, we constantly discussed manners/how to have patience/and how to be happy for others. We had lots to learn in Jewish Studies as well. We learned about Tashlik- throwing away our sins. We took bread crumbs, and threw them in our pretend pond with the fishes. It was a fun start to our New Year. That week we focused on learning the shape “circle” which we connected to apples, the colors red, green, brown, and mentioned gold. We ate apples and honey hoping for a sweet New Year, and played with the honey to see it’s texture and taste. We made apple art work galore out of pine cones, paper plates, and colored in circles while discussing our personal favorites… Green? Or red? We made honey combs out of thumbprints and dot paint. Yep, we got nice and dirty with art daily. 🙂 I hope the kiddos art work got home in an okay shape, so you were able to display them over these past 10 days. Speaking of 10, that was the number we focused on this past week, since there are 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We colored the number, we painted our feet and counted our toes, and we discussed being clean/starting a new/the color white/and all the things we want to atone for this year. Some said they will listen better, others said they will learn to go potty in the big girl/boys potty, and others said they will focus on keeping their hands to themselves. Two years old can be a difficult stage with personal space. So this week we started a theme in our class… Hugging. We hug to feel good, we hug to say hello or goodbye, we hug when we need a little TLC, and we hug ourselves when we don’t know what to do with our hands. During circle time if our arms and hands get wild we give ourselves a hug. If we get upset because we want a friends toy we take a deep breath, hug ourselves, and then try to use our words. I would encourage you to use this technique at home, because consistency is the key to grasping a new concept and it seems to be working great! Our smart, loving kiddos pick up things so fast. I am so impressed by them all the time. When we discussed Yom Kippur we discussed saying “I’m sorry” to our family and friends for anything we have done, and then to hug it out. 🙂 This week we also found time to bake. It was so fun to see how excited the kids got. We smelled and touched each ingredient, we tried to use words to describe it’s scent, and we tasted the coconut. Some said it was like straw, some said it was yummy, and some said ewwwwww. They all made me smile. I just love them!


Here are some upcoming dates I don’t want you to miss:

Monday, October 2 Picture Day!!! Dress to impress, and bring your smile!

Wednesday, October 4 Early Dismissal at 12 pm.

Thursday/Friday, October 5/6 School is Closed

Tuesday, October 10 is Open House

Wednesday, October 11 is Early Dismissal at 12 pm.

Monday, October 16 is the Grandparent’s Breakfast at 8:30 am.


Here are few fun pictures of the past two weeks below. 🙂

Throwing our sins away.
Hugging after saying, “I’m sorry”.


Baking energy bites.


I wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Adventurous, and Fun filled year with Laughter and Love. Shana Tovah!



Lindsey and Amy