Kofim 2 a month in…

Hello to Kofim family and friends! Two more weeks have passed, and we have learned about Labor Day (and discussed what everyone’s parents do), made the American flag out of pound cake and t-shirts, danced in music class, and survived a hurricane!  It’s been a serious couple weeks for our little guys.  We continue to discuss manners, colors, numbers, and letters. We constantly use our five senses to smell, taste, and touch EVERYTHING- I mean they are 2 after all. 🙂 Thank you all for bringing in white t-shirts for the kiddos, by the way, they are so excited to get to wear them Wednesday. We kept them at the school, so we could take a picture together, and will send them home in their backpacks or on them. 😉

As for the upcoming couple weeks, it is busy with holiday schedules and celebrations.  Here are some dates to make sure to put on your calendar:

  • Wednesday, September 20th is Erev Rosh Hashanah- All Schools have a noon dismissal, and the Preschool Kids Club closes at 3 p. Carpool with begin at 2:45 pm.
  • Thursday, September 21st is the Tashlikh Service at the Center’s pond. We will all take bread crumbs (which are symbolic for our sins) and throw them in the water at 6:15 pm.
  • Thursday and Friday, September 21st and 22nd is Rosh Hashanah- All Schools  and Kids Club are closed.
  • Monday, October 2nd is Preschool Picture Day. Dress to impress.
  • Monday, October 16th is the Grandparent’s Breakfast at 8:30 am.
  • Tuesday, October 17th is the DuBow Preschool’s 75th Anniversary Celebration Kick-off Event at 7 pm.

When we discussed Labor Day the students told us their parents jobs consisted of “astronauts”, Mommies who after dropping them off at school “go back home to sleep “, Daddies who are “busy we don’t know what they do”, and a “Mommy who helps people”.  Don’t you just love their little minds?  They had Amy and I laughing.

As for colors and numbers, they are learning and progressing wonderfully.  It’s so fun to hear them during circle time.  They are anxious to tell us the answers, and show us they know the next steps in our routine.  Watching them sing “Mister Sun”, and do the sign language is touching.  Yes, we will perform this for you this year- don’t you worry. And their letter recognition is growing and growing.  Some run up to the board and point out the letters of their first name, and others find them on the playground. Today they saw letters on the playground equipment and were so cute saying, “Look Mrs. Lindsey, it’s my letter!”

Below are a couple of pictures of the activities I discussed above.  I hope you enjoy them, and the pictures we capture daily on Tadpoles.  We try very hard to give you a sneak peek into the day, and your child’s activities. Two year old’s can have a hard time telling you what went on during the day, so my goal is to send you pictures that you can use to ask questions that will create a dialogue about their learning’s, and daily fun.

Making our American Flags out of pound cake, strawberries, blueberries, and whip cream.
Dancing in Music Class with our friends from Kofim 1.

I hope everyone is safe, and getting back to normal after the hurricane.  My thoughts have been with you all.  It was so great to get to hug each student when we returned to school, and know we were all safe and sound and back together.

Looking forward to seeing you all daily at drop off!


Lindsey and Amy