Last blog post of the school year

Dear Parents,

I can’t believe it’s that time of the year! This week has been a busy one, we celebrated Shavuot on Tuesday and then enjoyed two days off for the holiday. Today was our last day and we had a blast! This morning started with doughnuts with Dad. Thanks to all the Dad’s who came, and visited our classroom and had a doughnut. We wish you a very happy Fathers day. We also had a blast at our Ice cream party! Thank you for sending all the goodies in and making it so yummy!

It has been both Ms.Angela and my pleasure to teach your children this year. We have seen them grow and learn so much! It’s been quite the adventure! Wishing you all a wonderful summer! I’m looking forward to seeing you in and around the Preschool next year.

In closing I will add a quote dear to me,

I call my students “My Kids” because in our year together they aren’t just kids on my class list.

They become a part of my heart.

As teachers we always hear Thank You for all that you do… but as a teacher let me personally thank each one of you, the parents, for sharing and entrusting us with your most valuable and lovely gifts your children. Thank you all for being wonderful and caring parents it really shows in the children you are raising.