This week we celebrated the Birthday of Israel. Thank you for dressing your child in blue and white; they all looked very festive and had a great time celebrating with cupcakes and singing songs! Our lesson this week was on birds. We Read the book Birds All Around and learned about many types of birds. Some birds swim, some birds hide, and some birds never fly; however all birds are hatched from an egg! The children loved learning these fun facts!

We also color blended pink and blue to make the the color of the month which is, you guessed it,  purple! The kids enjoyed painting with feathers to make some cool creations!

Picture day is Friday for our class so dress in your best and bring big smiles!

Please join us this Friday for a special Mothers day shabbat:  11:00 sanctuary 11:30 garden/ playground

Kofim water day May 20th please dress your child in their bathing suit and water shoes or sandals. They will need a towel with their name on it. Apply sunscreen prior to coming to school and be sure to sign the consent form that will come home in order for us to reapply.

Conferences May 23rd many of you have sent forms back agreeing to your conference time. These conferences usually run about 15 min long. We will discuss the results of your child’s ASQ evaluation results. These are tests that evaluate your child in age appropriate areas like gross and fine motor, problem solving, communication, social and emotional. This year we have also concentrated on colors, shapes, numbers and concepts with a touch on letters and letter recognition as well as themes each week focusing in our environment and surroundings. Ms.Angela and I have seen so much growth and development this year with the kids!!!

We are both looking forward to a few great weeks ahead as we finish this school year!