Passover fun

This has been a great week in our Kofim class. We got the week started with some fun activities in Science. Mr. Greg brought mini solar powered cars for us to play with outside and special paper to make sun art. Since the weather has been so beautiful we really enjoyed these outdoor activities.

In class and Jewish studies we have been learning about Pesach; it’s amazing how much the kids know and understand about their Jewish heritage and customs. We enjoyed making Elijah cups, Matzah holders and  practiced setting the Seder table in class.

One of our favorite songs to sing is “Where is baby Moses?” We sing it while passing a baby doll in a basket around our carpet. The kids take turns being the princess that rescues  baby Moses. We have also been working hard using our brooms and feathers to clean our classroom for Passover.  Next week we will work on the Ten plagues in class. Its been a great week!!

Just a few reminders for next week:

NO HOT LUNCH!!   Kitchen is closed please pack a Kosher and nut free lunch for your child.

Model Seder Wed April 9th 9:30 A.M.  Parents may join us if they wish.