Spring Gardens

This week our lesson was on Spring gardens. We planted parsley in our garden for passover, planted seeds in our classroom to observe and watch them grow. We read the books Number Garden and Seeds, Seeds ,Seeds. The children enjoyed making an alphabet garden in our classroom that we visit for letter recognition.

We used a new technique for painting by dipping the bottom of a water bottle in paint and stamping it on paper; it creates a beautiful flower. Each child really enjoyed picking out their favorite colors.

In Science, Mr. Greg experimented color blending with the kids using water and food coloring. It was fun!

In Jewish Studies, we are learning about Passover. The kids love singing all the songs!

We had a a special visit with Frankie the Frog. He’s been traveling for many months, and he finally made it to our Preschool! Ask your little one about him; they will have plenty to share with you.