People of our Community

This week we started our two week unit on People of Our Community. We read the book titled “When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Doctor.”  The kids made Doctor kits.  They shared stories about going to see the Doctor when they are sick. We also talked about the Dentist and practiced opening our mouths wide to see our teeth.  The kids enjoyed learning about Healthy habits.  We brushed a yellow tooth with white paint and tooth brushes.  We also made happy and sad tooth collages. Our Art is on display in front of the classroom.

We will also be learning about bakers of our community and on Thursday we will have a Special guest Pastry Chef Chloe visiting our school and baking special treats with the children.

The kids involved in the after school Ballet and Soccer programs have really enjoyed these extra resources.  Ms.Marla and Ms.Katherine are doing a great job!!

This week in the evening, discuss with your children topics we are learning in school. Its a great way to hear about their day, and keep their Language skills flourishing. On Wednesday, everyone brought lunch from home. The kids really enjoyed showing one another their lunch boxes and talking about the special treats they received from home. They especially liked the little notes from Mommy & Daddy. If your child typically buys lunch  you can pack one for them from time to time it would be a welcome treat for sure.

Enjoy this beautiful Weather!