All about Space!

We had a wonderful week in Kofim 2 learning about Space. The kids are intrigued during circle time when we talk about the moon, planets ,stars and rockets. One child even told me his plan of being an Astronaut!  dream big! We love when they use their little brains and interact.

We made rockets with shapes that spelled out their names. Looking at letters and counting how many are in their name was a fun activity. We also made a Space sensory table and Space sensory bottle full of stars!

Tomorrow we will make shaving cream and glue moons for lots of hands on art.

In science we used play dough ,batteries, and mini lights to make electricity and what a great discovery lesson that was !

In Jewish studies we are practicing for our up coming Shabbot program. The kids are excited!

In Music Ms. Z has been teaching the kids about many composers and their wonderful music.