Being Grateful

This weeks lesson was about Thanksgiving and being grateful.

We read the book “A Feast For Ten” its about shopping for foods and preparing a feast for a large Family.

We talked about healthy foods and how we could prepare a feast. The kids went shopping in our classroom and picked some of their favorite foods from our play kitchen area. We also looked at our Family wall of photos and discussed mealtime and family gatherings. The kids shared at circle time what their favorite Thanksgiving food was! Corn and mashed  potatoes are big winners!!!

We made fruit cornucopia collages to decorate our classroom.

It was a busy week for Birthdays!!

Happy birthday 3rd Birthday to Emma,Sarah and Mindy!! We celebrated with many yummy treats!

In science we experimented with sound tubes and made some great music. The kids also got to see how air creates force and movement by blowing air through a straw to move a small plastic ball. They really enjoyed this experiment.

In Jewish studies we are learning about  Hanukkah.

This month our class had the sculpture .We made a Menorah out of pumpkins to observe the first day of Hanukkah falling on Thanksgiving.Please come see it in the front foyer of the Preschool. We are so proud of how it turned out.

Note: Tzedakah bottles due back 11/20/13 $$$ for turkeys to help the needy

Intergenerational Day Thanksgiving Program-Nov.27 ( time for program will follow.)

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