Fall and Farm

This week we learned about farming and farm animals. The kids painted paper plate  barns then added farm animal stickers to them. We painted a Pink pig Brown and read ” Pigs In The Mud.”

We are also learning about the color Orange, the shape Oval and the number Two.We talked about how eggs come from a chicken that live on a  farm and that they are shaped like an Oval. It’s fun watching the kids have those “light bulb ” moments when they really think about what their learning.

We also talked about how corn grows in a field on a farm and we ate corn for snack. Then we made colorful corn for our craft.

On Friday we painted acorns with brown paint and mulling spices. The kids loved smelling Fall!

In Jewish studies the topic this week is Noah’s Ark .  In Science we learned about Super abilities and the kids wore special capes and got to experiment with “Moon shoes and used a giant suction cup and a pulley the lift heavy items.

Thanks for attending Open House last night !

I enjoyed seeing each and every one of you! if you need to reach me to talk about your little one here is my Email address. I will respond within 24 hours.



Please check backpacks and take home folders daily!

A form went home today regarding Parent / Teacher conference. Please read and respond promptly.




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