We started our week off with a fun, and exciting trip to Science where Ms. Melanie

taught us about simple machines and how they worked.  The kids got to see

demonstrations on how incline planes, wheels, and levers work in everyday life.

The kids had fun using a pulley to lift and bucket full of toys and they also played

with various wheels. I think their favorite part of the lesson was rolling cars down

the ramp the demonstrate an incline plane.

We also went on Our Sukkah hop to all the other classrooms. It was fun to see how

Our Friends decorated their Sukkah’s.

As always we had so much fun in P.E. learning how to hop the hula hoops.

In observance of Simchat Torah we made Fabric flags, and edible Torah’s .

Due to so much rain we could not eat our lunch in the big Sukkah, but that didn’t

stop us from having a fun celebration with our Family’s at the indoor play room .We

sang songs and enjoyed the afternoon!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Joseph & Andi

Happy Simchat Torah.

Have a nice Holiday


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